O podjetju

We are a logistics-transport company with more than 25 years’ experience and are offering tank truck transport through the territory of Europe; mainly northern and central Europe, as well as in ex – Yugoslav countries, such as Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia. All trucks have an office connection via GPS tracking system, so the position of the vehicle can be determined at all time.

Our vehicle fleet consists of trucks, which are classified with (LGBF) and chemicals (L4BH). Also note, that all trucks can transport hazardous materials (ADR).

Our corporate philosophy is based on reliability, on cooperative management style and constant innovative adaptation to the economic development. Therefore, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification.  We try to enhance technological development and quality standard in order to improve the services. With help of technologically advanced vehicles and professionally trained drivers, we’re offering secure and reliable logistic solutions.

Businnes Card

Hubat d.o.o.
Korenova cesta 5b
Tel.: +386 (1) 723 09 00
E-mail: info@hubat.si
Registration Number: 1469304
Company registration number: 13265500
VAT-ID: SI40854167
TRR: 02301-0053851456
IBAN: SI56 0230 1005 3851 456
Signatory: Gregor Hubat

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