We follow the development of technology
and standards for the transportation with
advanced trucks.



For your warm winter and spring, your
heating oil is delivered by Hubat!

Our past experiences dictate that to our clients the most important are
quality and the price, therefore we buy goods only with renowned
suppliers such as Petrol and OMV, and we continuously are trying to
adjust the payment terms to support the cost-efficinecy and competitivenes
on the market.



We are a logistics-transport company with more than 25 years’ experience and are offering tank truck transport through the territory of Europe; mainly northern and central Europe, as well as in ex – Yugoslav countries, such as Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia. All trucks have an office connection via GPS tracking system, so the position of the vehicle can be determined at all time.  Our vehicle fleet consists of 30 trucks, which are classified with (LGBF) and chemicals (L4BH). Also note, that all trucks can transport hazardous materials (ADR).

Our corporate philosophy is based on reliability, on cooperative management style and constant innovative adaptation to the economic development. Therefore, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification.  We try to enhance technological development and quality standard in order to improve the services. With help of technologically advanced vehicles and professionally trained drivers, we’re offering secure and reliable logistic solutions.

Company presentation and services:

As one of heating oil providers in the country with family business tradition, we deliver localy in region Notranjska and Gorenjska. We strive to support locals with best possible service of delivering the heating oil and other home comfort needs better than any other oil company.

For your warm winter and spring, your heating oil is delivered by Hubat!


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