Trade of oil, diesel fuel and biodiesel
Commercial orientation of the company added trade oil, diesel fuel and biodiesel to it’s services in Year 1999, which quickly developed into a transport company as it represented an opportunity for market penetration. With the purchase of the main truck from father and founder Peter Hubat, it has developed as family business trading with fuel.

Provision of integrated services and independent supply to our customers was enabled by end-to-end service – buying, transportation to the warehouse, storage, transport and sales. The key in this process is the quality, reliability and favorable delivery of the extra light heating oil, diesel fuel and biodiesel.

Since our past experiences dictate that to the costumer the most important are quality and price, we buy goods with reputable suppliers such as Petrol and OMV. Secondly, we continuously try to adjust the payment terms to support the cost-efficinecy and competitivenes on the market.

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